Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Garden as Life: Beans

My husband got up early to go golfing today which meant I was up early too.  In the summer we sit on our front deck and drink our coffee watching our neighbors amble by with sniffing dogs or getting a preemptive jog in before hitting the picnics.  The dense humidity that seemed to live in the air was blown out by thunderstorms a day or two ago and the sun is using the trees to create green stained glass art against an azure sky.

Other than watching the world go by, and, of course writing, one of my favorite morning activities is to putter around in my raised bed garden. I  balance my coffee in one hand and root around with the other.  My hair is standing on end and I am still in my jammies but the call of dirt is more than I can resist.  Wandering over, I notice one of the bean vines has entangled itself in the bird netting.  I rescue it and wrap the tendril  around the tomato cage, which is now a makeshift bean pole.  Just like the bird netting is really makeshift cat netting to keep our feline companions from using my vegetable garden as their out door litter box.  I turn my attention back to the beans.  The beans have taught me a lot this year, mostly about patience.