Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Am Reading Now- Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This post was actually done in January but I am rearranging the blog a little.  So here it is incase you missed it.

I initially had reservations about reading this since I am not particularly religious and have a healthy skepticism regarding man's word vs. God's word.  But Ms. Gilbert's brand of spirituality is like an all-inclusive resort, where everyone is welcome, even the skeptics like me.  She did a great job describing the orbit of her life from serious depression back to vibrant health.  She brought everything full circle, which I like.  I do not like loose ends at the end of a story.

I found it interesting that almost everyone I spoke to found the India part of the story the hardest to get through.  They thought it was dry and a little boring.  I, however, did not.  I have been practicing Anusara Yoga for about 18 months and I struggle with taming my mind during meditation.  I joke with my instructor (see her blog Graceful Transformations in my blog links) that Savasana is the hardest pose for me because I can't turn my brain off.  So I could completely relate to Ms. Gilbert's struggles.

In the end, it was also a great story with Ms. Gilbert herself both the protagonist and antagonist, which is hard to pull off.  I am a writer and it is way easier to show  conflict external to your main character than it is to show internal.  I was rooting for her the entire time.  I am also interested enough that when I find time I want to google her and see what she is up to now. Better yet, she has motivated me to  take a second look at my own beliefs and to spend some of 2011 getting my own mind under control.

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