Monday, December 9, 2013

Author Interview: A Wish for Christmas author Maggie Jones

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to fellow A Wish For Christmas author, Maggie Jones. Maggie wrote the title story for the book, a wonderful story about a boy named Matt, who when asked about what his one wish would be, has a surprising answer. She stopped by to chat about all things Christmas today. Welcome, Maggie! Here goes:

Maggie Jones 

1. What is your favorite holiday memory?

Christmas to me is a time to be with your family.  And my favourite holiday memoires are, every year being at home with my Mum, Dad, my three sisters and my Grandparents.  All I can remember is the tears of laughter and happiness we had playing cards, talking and catching up on news.  Every Boxing Day, we would go to my Mum’s cousins, and have a big family get together.  

2. Do you have any iron clad holiday traditions that your family insists on every year?

Every year we loved to go to see a Pantomime, but since moving to the Isle of Wight, and my girls getting older we didn’t do it as often.  So normally now on Christmas Eve we like to go to the cinema.  When my daughters were younger, we liked to take them to see a Disney Movie, but then as they got older we went and saw anything that took our fancy.  Last year it was just me and my hubby Graeme, and I was really keen to see the Life of Pi.  I had to laugh, as there was only me and him and about 3 others in the cinema watching it.  And, it really wasn’t his kind of film, as I had to wake him up a couple of times.  Note to myself, this year; take him to see a film he wants to see lol 

3. Any Christmas disasters?

One year I thought it would be great to get my hubby G and the girls a Wii Fit.  So I got one and wrapped it putting it under the tree.  This particular year, everyone wanted one; they were like gold dust to get.  G told me that he and the girls had got me something I would really like.  On Christmas Day, I gave him his present and he gave me mine.  I looked at both gifts thinking they looked very similar.  Anyway, as I started to un-wrap mine, I thought for one minute I had got his present by mistake.  Because, when he undid his, our faces were both a picture.  We had got each other the same thing.  All I can say is my girls are good at keeping secrets.

4. Where can readers find more of your work?

If readers enjoy my short story in A Wish for Christmas, they can also find other short stories of mine in Came as Me, Left as We, and Read It Again.  Readers can download my work at  Alfie Dog Fiction.  I am also chair of a local writing circle The Wight Fair Writers, here on the Isle of Wight, and we have a website where readers can go and see what we are getting up to.

Don't forget that A Wish For Christmas is also available through Amazon (paperback and kindle) and Smashwords (for all you non-kindle users) and makes a fantastic stocking stuffer.


  1. Many thanks for a great interview. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas love Maggie Jones xx

    1. My pleasure, Maggie. You have a wonderful Christmas yourself!